Past/Current Clients Who Have Found Success with MAP!

Sarah is AMAZING!  From my very first day training with her I knew she was special.  She pushes me beyond what I think I can do to where she knows I can.  The amount of progress I have made since I first began is incredible and I am excited for the changes I will see in myself in the near future.     When I first started I hadn’t worked out at all for years.  I had become dumpy looking, definitely out of shape and just not feeling good physically, but more importantly mentally.  I had very low self-esteem and self-confidence and I wanted that back.  Me and a couple of my “mom” friends joined Sarah’s class.  The first class with Sarah was incredibly hard and honestly kicked my butt, but I also felt better about myself because I was doing something.  Each time I went it got a little bit easier, although still a tough workout, and each time I went away feeling more and more confident in myself.  I am not where I want to be yet, but I feel with Sarah’s help I am well on my way to greatness!   I am Sarah’s biggest fan!  She works you hard and is tough, but you know she is doing it for YOU….so that you can achieve your goals and feel better about yourself.  I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and to get into the best shape of their lives!    ~Julie M. Fiso~

I have been training with Sarah for about 2 years now. In 2014 I had a Dexa scan which showed I had osteoporosis. In 2017 when I had another Dexa scan the test indicated I had osteopenia which my doctor indicated was an improvement from the test in 2014. I love working with Sarah as she likes to make changes to my training to help my strength and fitness.      She does work you hard, but that is because she knows you can do more then you think you can.     -Carolyn Bechtel

To be frank, Sarah has been life changing. When I first started working out with her, I thought “oh this is just going to be any other workout with any other training”. But little did I know, I was going to get so much more out of it. I started working out with her more and more and saw results that I liked. She helped me gain some confidence I had lost that past summer. Throughout these workouts, I not only got results, I gained a new friend. Sarah has been a positive role model in my life and I am blessed to have met her.    - Meghan Fiso

Working with Sarah has been fantastic.  Her at home do-it-yourself guide has whipped my butt into shape. Prior to Sarah's guidance, I was in a position to lose a bit of weight and improve my strength and agility in boxing. After the first part of my program, I noticed an improvement in my agility and striking. And that was just the beginning! Each section so far has definitely pushed me closer to my goals. I began regularly snapping punches and found it easier to move. Also, I've been able to maintain a higher level of endurance during classes. Each block has brought great improvement and when I eat right, I drop weight like crazy!     Sarah is always very helpful and gets back to me when I have questions. She's reliable and consistent, which is great because we don't actually see each other! When I'm not at my best, her support does not waver. She goes beyond to explain and help, and loves to celebrate your victories! As someone who can't afford to spend time with a trainer, her hands off personalized program has given me exactly what I need. I know I will reach my fitness goals with her guidance and expertise!

-Ariel Rainey